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Dental Crowns – Plano, TX

How We Make Your Tooth Good as New

man showing off his smile with dental crowns in Plano

If you only have a small cavity, then a tooth-colored filling is often enough to fully repair it. However, teeth with more substantial cavities might require something more. Dr. Sam Antoon often recommends a dental crown in this situation. Dental crowns in Plano, TX are an incredibly versatile solution that can restore your tooth’s structure and function, all while looking 100% natural. If you have a broken or damaged tooth that is making it hard to smile or eat, call our team at Antoon Family Dental today to learn more about how we make your smile good as new with dental crowns!

What Is a Dental Crown?

dental crown being placed over a tooth

You can think of a dental crown as a sort of “cap” for a tooth. While fillings only replace a small area of lost tooth enamel, crowns cover up the entire section of the tooth that is visible above the gumline. Each crown is fully personalized to meet the patient’s unique needs and blend in with the surrounding teeth. Once the dental crown process is complete, the crowned tooth should essentially look and feel just like any other tooth.

Dr. Antoon will usually recommend a dental crown for a tooth that:

  • Has been decayed or weakened to the point that no other restorative solution will fix it
  • Needs to be protected after undergoing root canal therapy
  • Was severely injured and needs to be repaired
  • Is badly stained or discolored and will not respond to teeth whitening

The Dental Crown Process

dentist in Plano holding a dental crown on their finger

In most cases, getting a dental crown takes two appointments with your dentist in Plano. The first of these visits involves the preparation of your tooth. Dr. Antoon will either build up the tooth structure or remove a thin layer of enamel; otherwise, the restoration would look and feel unnatural. After the tooth is prepared, our team captures impressions of the tooth and sends them to a trusted dental lab.

While the lab technicians begin crafting your crown to our exact specifications, you’ll wear a temporary crown for a few weeks to protect the tooth. Once the crown is ready, you’ll return to our office. We’ll make any last-minute adjustments to ensure the crown feels great. Then, we’ll use a special cement to bond the crown to your tooth.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Crown

woman smiling in front of a turquoise background

By placing a dental crown, we can protect a tooth from future damage that would otherwise require it to be extracted. There are all sorts of problems that can arise from missing a tooth – including the cost of replacing it – so it’s in your best interest to retain the tooth for as long as possible.

Fortunately, that’s pretty easy with dental crowns. As long as you take good care of your crown, it can last up to 10 or 15 years. Thanks to the durable yet lifelike materials we use, our dental crowns in Plano have a remarkably high success rate.